happiness unlimited

Through the day I receive many messages, mostly on positive thinking. When you talk about positive thinking, your attitude towards life is the core theme. There is a common thought in many of these messages, especially when they are about relationships, “Let go the person so that you will be in peace”. Reading┬álot of such messages┬áset me thinking about what they are trying to convey exactly.

To avoid pain, various methods are propagated. The wide range includes workshops on life, meditation, spiritual discourses, diverting mind towards other areas of interest, thinking about our blessings and ponder on what we have.

I want to talk about a teacher whom I like immensely. During a discussion on life, he said, “Life is positive. I will give you an example, when a child dies the mother who goes into heart breaking sorrow will be seen dancing after six months,” The example that he used to convey positivity shook all of us in the class badly. None of us could digest what he said. We were not in the usual mood for a chat after the class. This was the only thought that occupied my mind even at home. I had many questions like how he could be so rude, what kind of an example was that or were his words a reflection of his problems. I did not get answers for any of these. As I was going through this repeatedly, suddenly a face flashed in my memory. It is the face of my aunt who lost her son sometime back. She is an epitome of love. All of us looked forward to her visits because she pampered us to no end. We were worried that the sorrow of losing her son will kill her. Though it did not kill her, it took a long time for her to come back to life. She did come back to her routines and started living again.

I understood what my teacher was trying to convey. Life has its own way of curing pain. Whether we take any extraordinary effort or not, by default life compels us to live. Forgetting pain and moving forward is in human nature and there cannot be a better example than what my teacher gave.

Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain. It does not make any sense to take great effort to avoid pain. I find it disagreeable when people advice to avoid relationships to avoid pain. Pain finds a path in this world to reach you as does happiness. Living life king size is facing challenges and winning them.

As a teenager, one quote attracted me very much; “Life is such a serious business, it is better to laugh it off.”


memories are made up of…….

The sight and smell of metal tins with fresh paint of light lavender color and lady finger print marks take me back to the days when I was experiencing severe morning sickness.

A melody of 80s, especially if it is Ilayaraja’s, instantly transports me to Chennai’s sunrise on the beach.

My sketch pad filled with colors and ‘tried out’ portraits makes me a small girl again. Like a movie I clearly see the images of an enthusiastic child with her father. Both spend time selecting the best crayons available in Perumal Chetty stationery shop. When they come out they have bright smile on their faces as if they own the world.

The old book rack that takes a place of pride in the house brings back the memories of my mother sitting in our car garage and instructing carpenters. As I touch the rack, I still feel her supervising eyes on the workers.

Any luxury car I see today has my sweet younger brother next to the driver’s seat, enjoying his ride.

The list is unending; my mother’s tasty kheema balls curry, my father’s hands touching the books delicately, my younger brother being my shadow, my elder brother buying us softy ice creams, I can go on and on like this.

Memories are the fresh thoughts about yesteryears.