a song for your thoughts

‘Doe a deer a female deer’, this song from ‘The sound of music’ made me think that music is easy to learn and enjoyable too. ‘Bol re papihara’, Jaya Bhaduri singing this in a cave watching the rain outside, was a beautiful image and I, like many girls of my age then, could easily relate to this character. ‘Zindagi hasne gaane ke liye hai pal do pal’ pushed me to explore life.
Yes, you got it right. I am saying that if you have an ear for music, you would come across songs for every situation of your life.
I can see many hands going up when I say that rains are more enjoyable when we listen to rain songs. One rain song that brings a downpour of memories is a beautiful number by Asha Bhonsle from the Hindi film Priyatama, ‘Cham cham barse ghata’. As a teenager with dreamy eyes, experiencing my first love; listening to this song in the incessant rains of Madras, made it a memorable one.
Some songs, especially when I listen at mornings, set the mood for the day. One such infectious song is ‘Senthazham Poovil Vanthadum Thendral En Meedhu Mothuthamma’. It is no wonder that I keep humming it throughout the day. Before television came into our lives, listening to songs and studying was quite common. There was a certain joy listening to songs on radio as that was the only other option to record players. I was thrilled whenever a particular favourite was played on the radio. I vividly recall one afternoon when I was preparing for an examination, I heard P.Susheela’s soulful rendition of ‘Rayinaina kaakapothini Rama paadam sokaga’. I rushed to my neighbor’s house from where this song was being played. That song and the emotions of the singer has consoled and brought me out of my gloominess on several occasions. S.Janaki’s ‘Thookam un kangalai thazhuvattume’ is so comforting that I can sleep peacefully whatever the turmoil within me. Equally powerful are the inspirational songs like, ‘Unnai arinthal indha ulagathil poradalam’, ‘Ruk jaana nahin tu kahin har ke’ and ‘Saathi hath badana, ek akela thak jayega’. Each generation is inspired by such motivational songs.
Melodious songs are for all seasons. A tiresome day and a tired body rejuvenates with melody caressing our ears. Sometimes we just allow music to take us over and do not pay much attention to lyrics. Just listen to A.R.Rehman’s ‘Salaam Bombay’ number from the musical, ‘Bombay dreams’ and you will understand this. Never before had I experienced this kind of haunting music. It kept ringing even in my dreams.
When I am talking of songs, I have to mention the lullabies I sang for my kids. These are some of the most unforgettable moments of my life. Though my children are grown up now and left home to create their own world, the song ‘Laali laali, vatapatra sai ki varahaala laali’ brings tears instantly with the memories of their childhood.
I cry, laugh, enjoy, hum and live music. I am sure each individual will have his own favorites and every family its own list. Can we forget the cult family song of 1970s, ‘Yaadon ki baarat’?
I am giving below links to some songs that I mentioned here. How can I deny you the joy of searching music so I have omitted the links for other songs that I wrote about.

http://youtu.be/CBH9fnYP7mc – cham cham barse ghata
http://youtu.be/RBBWjwiks4g – rayinaina kakapothini
http://youtu.be/Q9tIxBYZO8g – salaam bombay
http://youtu.be/lpRL0kRehEA – vatapatra sai ki



2 thoughts on “a song for your thoughts

  1. Fantastic. You painted a different world . Howmuch you know about songs that too in this many languages. Amazing vivid recollections. Enviable!

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